The PSP FLORIAN dates back to 1946

"FLORIAN" Port Fire Brigade ltd. was established as a unit of fire protection in 1991 based on the Port Fire Brigade created in 1946.

We have been with you for over 30 years

For the 30 years of our activity, as one of the few firefighting companies in the world, we have actively carried out activities related to fire and ecological protection of the Port and port companies (including but not limited to businesses that handle fuels, hazardous materials and containers).

We operate countrywide

We have also carried out rescue and extinguishing operations in locations and water bodies administered by the Port of Gdańsk Authority as well as in the city of Gdańsk, the Pomeranian Province and countrywide. We participated, among others, in fighting the fire in the hall of the Gdańsk Shipyard, in removing the effects of an explosion in a tower-block in Gdańsk, fighting the fire of St. Catherine’s Church in Gdańsk, the fire of the Gdańsk refinery and the millennium flood in the south of Poland.

Infrastructure and equipment

The infrastructure of the 'Florian' Port Fire Brigade consists of 4 units:

  • Unit I, located on the left bank of the port (Nowy Port),
  • Unit II that protects the right bank of the port (Westerplatte),
  • Unit III in the Liquid Fuel Transhipment Base of Port Północny,
  • Maritime Unit.


The 'Florian' Port Fire Brigade carries out activities both onshore and offshore. It is committed to using in its operations only state-of-the-art and proven solutions.


We operate modern combat vehicles, support vehicles and the RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) of the latest generation. One of our latest purchases is the COBRA fire-fighting system, which is capable of extinguishing indoor fires through doors and walls.

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High quality of services

The high quality of our services is used both by businesses and individuals.

Team of professionals

We employ a strong and experienced team of experts who are passionate about their work.

You can trust

Contact us today and join the group of our satisfied clients.

We constantly improve our qualifications

One of our biggest strengths is an experienced team of people that constantly increase the level of their services with continuous trainings in line with applicable Polish and European laws. As a result, we may provide our clients with services on the highest technical and technological level.


We have ca. 100 employees working in all branches of our Company. All our personnel undergo courses corresponding to fireman training in the State Fire Brigade, appropriate to their positions. Additionally, due to the specific character of our operations, they have completed specialist courses according to the requirements of the STCW Convention, especially the rules VI/1 of the STCW Convention, sections B-V/b and B-V/c of the STCW Convention Code, the rules I/6 of the STCW Convention according to the recommendations of the model programme IMO 6.09, and a number of additional trainings required for daily work (work at heights, medical trainings, diving courses, motorboat courses, fixed fire-extinguishing installation service courses, etc.).

Equipment maintenance service

Equipment maintenance service

For years, we have conducted an Authorised Maintenance Service of Firefighting Equipment that provides professional maintenance services on vessels, for port companies and many other companies located in the Pomeranian Province.

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Training center

Training center

In December 2009, we reactivated the Training and Vocational Development Centre, where we conduct firefighting and specialist courses. The Centre is equipped with a training area with a flash-over chamber and a smoke chamber as well as several other items required for specialist trainings in conditions close to natural.

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I am proud of the fact that the company, despite external but also internal turmoil, has been operating constantly for over 30 years. First of all, I owe it to all the people I work with, their desire to develop and achieve; thanks to them, we manage to cope with allocated tasks and challenges we face, so that the Port of Gdańsk may operate fast and safely.

Zdzisław OlechnowiczDirector of the Management Board of PSP Florian

He has been involved in the company since its establishment. He worked in the fighting division for many years. As the Shift Leader, he actively participated in the biggest and most important firefighting and rescue operations in the Port and water areas as well as in the city of Gdańsk. He was appointed the Director of the Management Board of PSP Florian in 2008.

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