Several sentences about us

In 1947 The Harbour Fire Service (HFS) was established. At the beginning there were 25 employees. The Klockner LF-15 was the first fire car which was overhauled by the employees. The seat of the HFS of that time was a barrack on 13 Zamknieta Street. In 1951 the new Fire Station was built which has been in use up to this time.

In course of time the HFS has increased its power. The next Fire Stations have come into existence: on Ostrow Island (today the seat of Plant Fire Service of Gdansk shipping yard), on the second bank of port channel.

For the period of the HFS existence there have been over 2000 employees. In the 80's 16 extinguishing and of special use cars were daily foreseen for protection of the city. Undermentioned were the HFS individual commandants:

In 1991 as an effect of the political and economical changes in Poland the HFS was dissolved. In its place two worker companies were established: Harbour Fire Service named „Florian” and Sea Fire - Rescue Service (fireboats). HFS „Florian” individual commandants:

The turmoil of those times and prejudice against all Plant Fire Services by Headquarters of State Fire Services resulted in dismission us from the fire society. This situation has been still there, although, we are still on duty! We go to the fires in Gdansk, in harbour. We take part in rescue - extinguishing actions in whole country (for example during the biggest flood in 1998). Unfortunately the Authorities of the State Fire Service do not accept our efforts and work. Not only we have been treated like this. No one from the Main Headquarter wants to perceive the problem of Plant Fire Services in Poland. Much more easily is to use cheap labour and not to give anything instead in return. We believe that reflection will come on time. Especially that there are regions in Poland where Plant Fire services are the only Fire services existing within several kilometres, and very often they have much better equipment than SFS Units have. Downfall of those can bring only the losses.

Nevertheless we are still on duty. We have very good-trained firefighters, commanding staff and modern rescue - extinguishing equipment.

I have given a detailed description of The Harbour Fire Service on my personal World Wide Web (unfortunately only in Polish). You can bring it closer by watching photos from rescue - extinguishing actions, holidays and ordinary life of Harbour Fire Service named „Florian” and Sea Fire - Rescue Service firefighters.

eng. Janusz Borkowski